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Join us in our efforts to cure hearing loss with Hearing Health Foundation!

Hearing Health Foundation, a national non-profit organization founded in 1958, is working to cure hearing loss and tinnitus through its groundbreaking research. Please help us make hearing loss a thing of the past.
Meet Team Campbell:
Jean-ageless Bib#9471(5K)
Mitchell-age 16 Bib# 9468(5K),
Trevor-age 18 Bib# 35823,
Corey-age 20 Bib# 35703 ,
Chris-ageless Bib# 35669.
Track us on Marathon day at:

Why we Run:
The boy's mom and my wife, Jean, suffered a life-changing, devastating hearing loss injury at last year's Boston Marathon bombing. Jean and Mitchell were feet from the 2nd blast. We are members of "Team 4/15 Strong-- Survivors and their loved ones". This April 21st, in honor of Jean, we are running Boston -- our first ever Marathon! We run to heal. We run to honor and support those in our group who can't. We run for Martin, Lingzi, Krystle and Sean. We run to thank Boston. We run to cure hearing loss and tinnitus for Jean and the numerous others injured by the Bombing!

A cure for hearing loss is within reach in 10 years!

Please help us and the "Hearing Restoration Project (HRP)" at HHF make hearing loss a thing of the past.

Thank you for your support; your contribution is greatly appreciated! The site has instructions for pledging and mailing contributions for anyone who wishes to donate, but prefers old fashion mail.

With Love and Thanks,
The Campbell's
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